Time to grab the guitars lying idle at the corner of your room and strum your favourite song!

Play your first song within 3 classes

Play your first song within 3 classes

attend classes at your convenient time

Attend classes at your convenient time

Assured results with unique methods

Assured results with unique methods

Pay only for the classes you attend

Pay only for classes you attend



When I say assured results, I mean it  ;)


"I wanted to learn something new in this lockdown as a new hobby.  Frankly Guitar was never my choice as I never understood how to play or never tried to understand the basic foundations. But I wanted to just give a try and approached Akhil. Surprisingly I was able to play a basic song in my first class itself!

I can say all the credits goes to Akhil for his clear explanation and ensuring we get the basics properly.

I like the fact that classes are flexible and I can learn at my own pace.  Now Guitar is one of my favorites. Thank you Akhil ! "

Shravya Boini

Former Actress, 

Minnesota, U.S.A



Telangana Today

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Time well spent

When I bought my first guitar in 2011, I made up my mind that I am going to rock the stage stealing millions of hearts with the magic of my fingers. I immediately joined the classes, where I was taught only one exercise for more than 2 months. I was not moving forward and there was no progress in the syllabus as well. Eventually, I lost the zeal and it didn't take much time for the guitar to become a show case at my home. Reasons are multitude, it might be the way some institutes deliberately teach at a slow pace to get a long term business, it might be the amount of time you can take out of your day to got the music school and practice or you might find it very difficult to get hands on the guitar.  

I have seen this happen for many of my friends. Many buy the guitar not to become a master in it but to play their favorite songs in their leisure or to perform at different occasions and get noticed. But the lengthy syllabus and the boring classes take forever to get us there. So, I have decided to change this. With an experience of playing and teaching guitar for several years, I have designed a unique model of learning guitar with some highly effective lessons conjoined with simple tricks that will make you learn guitar 10 times faster. The result: every student who attended my classes has played chords and songs with in first 3 classes!  



To someone she is a passion and to others she is just a store room possession. To someone she is a dream and to others she is a routine. Whatever she is to others, for me she has been that friend with whom I have been the longest in a relationship, whom I can count on. I go to her when I am happy and when I am not. She made me a performer at the gigs and calmed me with her music in my down-times. She the only one that I wouldn’t let go off even in my me-time.  

The Guitar is the most beautiful of the instruments that can attract the audience just by its mere presence. The beauty of the instrument lies not only in its design but also the versatility of sounds it can produce, taking the listeners to a different vibe. No wonder it’s the most loved instrument that grabs the attention of every one. Ironically there are millions of guitar owners who seldom play it for it is not easy to learn and get a hang of it. (of course, when was the last time you achieved something noteworthy without putting some effort?).